Promise Badge
A Guide wears her Promise badge on her uniform top.  You can also wear your Patrol emblem, a Patrol Leader/Second badge, a Pack Leader or Rainbow Helper badge and/or a world badge on your uniform top.  We also wear our Cheshire Forest county badge on our neckerchiefs.

Challenge Badges
These take a year to complete and shows your commitment to guiding.  During this time you must be a reliable memeber of your patrol, complete 2 Go for its, complete 2 activites outside our normale meeting place and perform at least 1 community action activity such as a litter pick etc.

Interest Badges
Badges we have worked towards as a unit: Fire Safety, Chocolate, communicate, Traditions of guiding and camper

You can display your interest badges:
on your gilet, sewing them where she wishes
on your camp  blanket
in your G file
as a collection in another form

Other badge you may like to try at home can be found on the guide website.

Go For Its
We have successfully achieved our Lights, Camera, Action GFI, Chocolate GFI, Football GFI,Experiment GFI, Team work GFI, Five Senses GFI, Camp out GFI.  You work on these during patrol time doing lots of different activities over 4 meetings.

Time Traveller badge: This allowed us to explore guiding through the ages, we put up old patrol tents, learnt how to do a flag break and tie knots.  We found out about the uniforms each section used to wear and how the promise handbook has changed.

Campfire Challenge
: T
his provided us with a good excuse to have a campfire, along with learning how to light a match properly, fire safety and how to build a campfire.  We sang many of our favourite songs and got a badge for the privilege!

South America Badge: This badge helped to raise funds for a senior section group going to argentina to help in an orphange.  They designed this badge to raise funds for their trip and it gave us the opportunity to learn all about South America.  The different countries, the languages they speak and the food they eat -yum!

Adventure 100: The special centenary challenge badge that all GGUK members could take part in.  It was designed to encourage every member to celebrate our Centenary and try something exciting!

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