Surf 2007: County Camp
I thought surf 07 was so fun me and Louise did wind surfing but we ended up floating there in the water when we couldn't get on. We all spent tones of time in the dabble tent making crafts. And somebody stole one units blow up kangeroo! It was amazing!  Hannah - 13

At Surf 07 rock climbing was hard, but fun too.  Our green tents were horrible and we had to put them up, but it was well worth it in the end as I had a great time!  Alicia 12

Waddecar 2008: Lights, Camera, Action!
We enjoyed an indoor holiday to Waddacar in lancashire.  We visitied the guidung and scout musem, got very soggy raft building and kayaking, played games, shot balloons during archery. 

Our room was king fishers (we were named after old patrols).  We really loved the drama workshop and staying up late.  We also did raft building and canoeing but our raft sank in the water!  Canoeing was at lost welly creek and our guides lost some shoes in the mud as well!  It was a brilliant trip. Bryony 11

Pettypool 2010 -All Saints Big Adventure
we were joined by the rainbows, brownies and senior section at our centenary camp held in may.  Along with our friends from St Lukes.  We enjoyed several days camping at Pettypool.  We enjoyed a day at the races making hats and dress for the best dressed competition and the rangers dressed as horses ran around our racecourse in olave field.  Congratulations Sophie! We made centenary lanterns which we paraded around the forest down to campfire hollow which was lit with fairy lights.  It looked magical! We  sang our favourite songs around the campfire and several of St Luke's guides made their promise.  We later enjoyed lots of carnival games and had our photos taken for keyrings.

The following day we went back into the future enjoying an 80s disco and learning about guiding traditions.  We also spent the morning enjoying lots of sporting activities like the aerial runway, parachute games, football etc.

We also spent a day in the future taking in part in lots of space themed science experiment including testing mento rocket fuel. In the evening we enjoyed making lots of different crafts in the dabble tent as well as enjoying a pamper or relaxing in the chill out zone.

Our final day was spent enjoying a 'its a knockout' competition in our teams - elves, pixies, sprites and gnomes.  We had a great time playing air rade with water bombs, soritng balls and playing on the inflatable assault course dressed as sumo wrestlers!  We finished camp with All saints got talent contest. There was a fine collection of songs and dances and special guest: An ABBA tribute act ~ the guiders!!  Well done Amy for Winning the competition!


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