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You are probably wondering what guides is all about, and what do I have to do to become a guide.  Don't worry help is at hand, this page has all you need to know about starting guides. There’s no need to be nervous, guides are friendly and happy to welcome you into the group.

Patrol Leader, All Saints Guides


What is Guides?
Guides is a girls only club that you can join when you turn 10 or over. It was started by a lady called Lady Olave Baden Powell. It has hundreds of members all around the world and is part of a huge organisation known as WAGGGS [world association of girl guides and girl scouts]. Unlike any old club you are part of a global family as well as the guiding community. As a guide you get the chance to do lots of different things and earn badges and go for it’s to recognise your new achievements.

What do I have to do to become a guide ?
To become a guide you must first learn what being a guide involves, your guiders will help you through out this stage and when they know your ready they will enrol you. This involves you saying the guide promise and then you will earn your promise badge. You then will get a G file a guide to being a guide this will help you through your guiding journey .

What does guiding involve ?
Guides give you the chance to do things you have never done before and to learn about traditional values. Earning badges includes a whole range of activities including crafts , challenges and performances and much more. Guiding is much more than just a club it is a fun happy community.



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